Revolutionize Your Executive Strategy with Confirmed App

Revolutionize Your Executive Strategy with Confirmed App

Streamline Your Sales Team’s Success

For dynamic sales forces, orchestrating seamless meetings is crucial.

Confirmed App goes beyond scheduling; it’s your strategic ally in optimizing the efficiency of your mobile sales team.

Experience a new era of productivity where every meeting is not just scheduled but strategically executed.

Why Confirmed App?

Maximize Travel Efficiency

Your sales executives are always on the move. Confirmed utilizes artificial intelligence to minimize travel time between meetings, ensuring your team is precisely where they need to be.

Executive-Level Daily Planning with Visual Clarity

Confirmed’s clickable-icon driven views provide more than just convenience; they offer visual clarity. Icons clearly indicate the type of web-meeting platform for each meeting, whether it’s Microsoft Teams or Zoom. At a glance, know which platform will power your strategic discussions.

Each day, you'll be able to click a single button to move from meeting to meeting -- notify your next meeting when you're late -- fill gaps with important people

Strategic Decision-Making with Meeting Insights

Confirmed provides enriched information tailored for executive decision-makers. Make strategic choices based on real-time insights, and empower your sales team with the tools they need for success.

Effortless Team Collaboration

Confirmed’s Team Edition offers collaborative and reporting functions, allowing you to stay in sync with your sales team’s activities effortlessly.

Platform-Specific Link Identification

Confirmed’s clickable icons not only showcase the web-meeting platform you’re using for a specific meeting — whether MS-Teams, Zoom or other method — they indicate if the link belongs to you or the other participant. No more confusion—just streamlined communication. 

Empowering Every Role

Learn about Confirmed App for various use-cases

What our users say:

“Changed my perspective; changed my life” 

Nationally renowned trainer/consultant

“It’s been a game changer”

Large telecom EVP

“You have solved my ‘house-on-fire’ problem”

Real estate company IT Director

“We use Confirmed to ultimately increase our close rate”

Owner of Multimillion dollar franchise

 “Confirmed has saved me a lot of time”

High performing salesperson

 “Way smarter than the other apps” 

Communications VP

“Using Confirmed helps me manage my days more efficiently and effectively”

Medical executive

Tailored to Your Workflow

Confirmed adapts to your processes, integrating seamlessly with MS 365, Outlook, Google, Salesforce, Zoho, Hubspot, and more. Customize the app to align with your company’s unique workflow.

Invest in Executive Efficiency Today!

Choose Confirmed App – the tool that not only understands the unique challenges of managing a large, mobile sales force but also ensures clarity and efficiency in every virtual meeting. Upgrade now and experience a new level of executive productivity!

Two time finalist for “Innovator of the Year”, Confirmed was designed by a team involved in key processes and product launches for companies who products you use every day (including Verizon, Apple, PTA, Motorola and others). Our team includes top behavioral scientists, psychologists, business process specialists, and A.I. practitioners. Confirmed is Salesforce ISV Partner and part of the Microsoft Partner Network. Learn more